Hello everybody, 2014 almost end and I would like to share with you guys celebrities that i think dress the best for street style 2014. This is purely 100% my own preference so If you don't agree with me in some aspect please keep it to yourself or leave a comment bellow:)


Lily Collins

Lilly Collins is not only my best dressed celebrity for this year but also one of my favorite actress. I love her style because it is very casual and looks comfortable but it still looks very sophisticated and preppy. Her style is vey laid back and chill but I noticed that she always throw on booties to make her style looked bold. She dressed like she's always ready to go on a meeting and thats how good she dressed and she always looked very put together.

Vanessa Hudgens 

She is probably everyones style icon, She always dress like everyday is Coachella and people must give her credit. It's not easy pulling off bold printed design in an outfit and flowy fringed top, but she somehow manage it. She always have an accessory thats very retro and vintage that acts as a staple in her wardrobe. Like her glasses in the second picture and her earrings in the third picture. And I almost forgot, floppy hats it's her thing. I like how she knows how to style her hair based on the type of outfit she wears, she knows how to exhaencuate her features perfectly, for instance on the third picture where she had her hair in a bun, the pro is that her cheek-bones looked very structured and visible.  

Luanna Prez

She is not technically a celebrity more of an internet star but who cares, she dress amazingly. I really like that she dressed up very dark with heavy makeup but still looked fashionable and feminim. She always have either tights or knee high socks and that is a style that i've just recently been getting into and i completely understand why know. Using tights or knee high socks actually makes your legs appear smaller and completes the whole looks, using knee high socks can also be a plus when you're trying to show less skin. I love how in one picture she could look like a preppy school girl and the next one looked like a complete badass, She is very sensible and plays around with her style and i think that is a plus. 

Emma Roberts 

When I say floppy hats is Vanessa's thing, well flats is Emma's thing. I like the feeling that she didn't even try to look good and looking good is just in her DNA. She is sporting the comfy look, I almost never see her in heels and mostly on flats, sneakers or combat boots and it is quite amazing for me at-least. I also noticed that she always have he sunglasses on and that for me finished up the look making her look mysterious and fierce. 

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