HAPPY NEW YEAR! Like yesterday's post today I'll be doing the Best Dressed 2014 but for my Favourite Red Carpet looks. So again similar like yesterday I'm going to put a little disclaimer, this is 100 % my own opinion so if you disagree with me with my choices please keep it to yourself or comment down bellow:)

With that out of the way let's start!

Lupita Nyong'o 

She is probably the bomb this year, Fun fact while i was trying to pick 4 of her best looks in google and tumblr i had the most difficult time picking four best since she always looked so lovely in all her dresses. But I end up with the four of these dresses she wore. Now everyone loves the Ralph Lauren cape dress she wore on the Golden Globe Award (it's the red one on the left) And I do too, but my favourite dress of hers is actually the dress by Prada she wore for the oscars (The baby blue one second from the left) the dress literally looked like it is designed and inspired by her. She looked so grand and classy wearing it, it reminds me so much of the gown cinderella wore on the ball. I don't know if you realize but the neck line and the arm hole's depth is the same witch I think is a sneaky but smart move. The low neckline makes her neck looked long and a smaller waist. The white dress by Calvin Klein reminds me of the dress Ariana Grande wore for the EMA but Lupita's was a bit more classic looking and i don't know why most probably her's have less cutouts and white is a grand colour. This year sure rains success for Lupita and I'm sure for many years to come as well

jennifer lawrence

Next is the queen J Law I love the bright red dress she use to the oscar it is super cute and looks very structured with the peplum top and almost figure hugging dress she kills the oscars with this dress. I also love her hair do for the oscars, her hair is pulled back and is it just me but her cheekbones looked amazing and her nose looked pointy as well witch for me is a good thing. I think J Law's style is unpredictable, she could look super graceful and and next time she showed up she could look like a freakin' rock star, witch lead us to her outfit she use for the premiere of catching fire (third picture from the left) wearing the gown by the talented Christian Dior, this probably the most daring dress I've seen her on compared to all the red carpet dresses she wore. Even though the dress was beyond her comfort zone and beyond anyones expectation i love it on her nonetheless.

Naya Rivera

Not only does she have a killer voice but a style to fit her perfectly. I've always admire how Naya dressed, she never go with go with something very out-there and over the top but she always have a little something either her hair, dress or cutout that makes people remember her. Like the first picture, her outfit is just like any other jumpsuit but her hair pulled back messily, thats where the real story begins, and the second picture her dress from the front looked just like any other colour block fitted dress but if you look real good... BA-BAM!...you could see that her outfit actually a high low dress, and in the third picture she is wearing a beautiful flowwy burgundy coloured dress that shows slight cleavage and the slit makes it more sexy. That is why I love Naya Rivera's style and fashion sense.

Nicki Minaj

Yes! it's real guys, Nicki Minaj is one of my favourite dressed celebrities this year. I'm sure her style isn't a lot of people cup of tea but she's done good carrer wise and now the way she dressed (at least on the red carpet:p) I realize this year she dressed alot more sophisticated and posh compared to year 2012 and 2013. This year she dressed a lot more covered up and i think she looked best that way. I love that even though she dressed more covered up she still sneaks in a little cutout in the sides of her frame. She has always been the one that loves to play up her curves and knows how to own the moment, The third picture of her in a little cheata print like dress she looked amazing. The dress realy shows of her killer curves and makes her legs look longer. I know this is not everyones liking but she has made a lot of improvement throughout the year.

Iggy Azalea, Kylie Jenner & Ariana Grande 

I've al so been adoring some of Iggy, Kylie and Ariana's dress they wore in different red carpet events. I am starting to become a fan of Iggy's style and I think she deserves a clap for how great she looked in that white dress. And Kylie Jenner also dresses spot on for the American Music awards. A couple months before this Im sure lots of you guys also noticed the difference in Kylie's lips, witch was wired at first but then it slowly looks good on her, then now her lips wen't even bigger and for me i think it's goes a little bit over board. But she then again she looked amazing in that maroon dress. As for Miss Ariana Grande i do also believe that this year is the year where she transition from her tv show role Cat Valentine to Ariana Grande, she dressed a lot more mature and bold and it takes getting use to looking at her with "adult' clothes but now i think it works. Although I'm not a huge fan of her signature mini skirt and crop top look, because i think it becomes too repetitive.

That's it for my favourite red carpet looks this year:) thanks for reading guys and Have a happy new year, It's 2015! 

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