2nd day of two thousand 15! WOHO! how have you been guys? well, i hope you're doing good:) today i brought to you another picture-ific  it's a play of word get it (Picture + Terrific) DIY. Today We will be making a picture clip holder to clip and display your moments

To make your Picture Holder you'll need:

-Glue or Glue gun
-Ice Cream Sticks
-Pens or Pencils
-Paint brush
-Close Pins
-Old picture clip holder

After all the materials are gathered it's time to begin this project DIY

Step One

Start by separating the clips in your picture clip holders

Step Two

Next is to get 6 ice cream sticks and cut it in half's it should be pretty easy to cut because ice cream sticks is bendable

Step Three

Then arrange your sticks till it forms a square/ rectangle shape. For short cut, grab a piece of card board or normal paper then glue one side with glue then stick the glued side to the sticks that you arranged. But if you preferred to glue the sticks indindividualy then go ahead

Step Four

Now put that aside first and continue on by garbing your close pins and glued them on the tip of the picture pin base 

Step Five

Remember the sticks you glued before, you're gonna get that back again and  draw what ever you want to draw in them. But for now, since I'm making this for one of my mom's birthday gifts I write an "HBD MOM" and drew a cupcake because she makes the best cupcake.

Step Six

Now all you have to do is colour them with paint or markers witch ever one you prefer

Step Seven

The last thing to do is glue the paintings you you do to the clips in the picture holder. 

And that's it guys! your new picture holder is done! have fun making it:) 

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