December just ended and that could only mean one thing! A, new year and B, The annual monthly digital favourites<3 On this post I'm sharing things I like this month, from fashion pieces to songs, movies, and product I use that I've enjoyed using


The first thing I love this month is you might see it already but it's my pink MCM bag I got for christmas, I've been using this bag nonstop everywhere and it always get compliments every time I go out with it. The bag is very spacious and I love the colour

Lately I've been using a lot of baseball tee and it is kind of late getting into this trend but I never really like them when everyones wearing them. I owned around 5 pairs not but this one is my favourite. It mix 2 of my favourite type of shirts graphic tee and base ball so this is literally perfection

I've never been really picky with the pants I wear I think that they are the same and black pants never really crossed my minds until I have my own. I love this pants it makes my legs looks extra long and makes them look thiner. I never know that pants can literally change the shape of your legs. So guys, pants is amazing (DUH!)


Cecelia- Simon and Garfunkel

This song is the bomb, this is my go to drive car. It is just a fun cheerful song to get you into the happy mood. I know that most of you know the song was from the Vamps because they sing a cover of it, and don't judge but I've never even know the Vamps until my friend tells me that Cecilia was their song and in my head I was like What?! for all I know is that Simon and Garfunkel are the original singers. But I've listened to The Vamps cover and the are amazing too

Winter Wonderland - Vanessa Hudgens

Not christmas but this song is stuck in my head, there is a lot of version and covers of other singer singing this song but Vanessa's one was my favourite. I love that there is a tad of sass in her voice and honestly one of her best covers

Say Something - Pentatonix

Pentatonix is one of my all time favourite band, and I've reed this in a comment in this video and I totally agree with her but I appricate people who can actually sing and harmonize each other perfectly. This cover is just pure perfection every one in the group has voices of angles, And is it just me but i keep repeating Avi's and Kevin's solo in this particular song. Just because their voice is so low but still is on pitch and I know for a fact that it is not an east job to do and Kevin's beat box. 

Just Like Heaven - The Cure


If you don't realize by now but I am a fan of old bands and singers. Old songs for me just have more meaning than just boy like girl, girl likes boy and ya know old songs gets life now and are like fortune tellers for me they tells a story that soon will occurs and I think less and less bands now can channel that. The cure is my number one favourite band and surprisingly for you I love the cure more than my love for the Beatles (nothing against them, i love them nonetheless) I love that this band looked like edward scissorhand (the movie) it is just their signature style. This is probably the only band from the 70 that hasn't gone retired, I also admore hoe dedicated Robert Smith is to this band, fun fact the is the only constant memeber since the band is form in 76. 


The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

This is a fun, and motivational movie. A movie to watch with your family.

The Thing

Okay story time I watched this movie because Fox Movies was on and this was playing and my remote was too far away so I just don't bother on changing the channel. And when I realize what this movie was all about I flipped, not scared but ecstatic because I do believe in aliens and I know they are out there. The graphic on this movie is still bad but I enjoyed it for all that. Although for me this movie needs to be more unpredictable and this movie haven't get me on the edge of my seat, it isn't scaring me enough.  Obviously I watched this alone and don't have trouble sleeping but if you are the type of person who dislikes thrill and horror movies this might not be your cup of tea.

Star Wars (1977)

Yes it is 1977, An old but everlasting movie. This is my ultimate favourite movie I have no words for this particular movie. If you haven't watched it finished reading this post and go search on line to watch this movie. The graphic is not so bad for '77 and I can tell that they spend so much time in doing the props. And can we just talk about the jedi who holds the green lightsaber? Luke Skywalker is my man crush everyday<3 Although I almost sleep for the second and third movie chapter but this one I loveeeee

Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging

If you are the type of girl who love chick flicks then the last 3 movies might not be the right shoe for you, but don't worry this one is. Like any other chick flick this one is super cute and very enjoyable. Also the fact that this movie can bring you in tears, not from loss but from the act of each characters, they are just born hilarious

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