How have you been today? well I hope you have a lovely day, or if not then at least smile it will make you feel better. Today I feel like doing an OOTD post that I have not done in quite a while, so here is the outfit that I wear today and please enjoy...


My top is from forever 21 and I must say I'm obsessed with it. It is maroon and navy stripes and the cut out in the back is too cute. The top is kind of cropped it hit just right bellow your stomach so if you are not fully comfortable with your stomach showing a tiny bit then just but on high-waisted pants


for his look I paired the top with my 3/4 long jeans and I think the jeans highlights my black boots.


Then I put on my favourite pair of black boots, I love the stud detail in both corners of the zipper. I also like the way that this boots have a little bit of chunk that might not seem like much bit gives you the perfect height if you don't want to look too tall or short. 


Next thing is my bag and I have fallen deeply, the metallic colour spice up the look and adds more definition because the colour of my pants, top and shoes are dark colours so the bag will balance everything out. the bag is like this throwback cross body type, I honestly don't know the exact name for this type of bag.


To complete the look I throw on my charm bracelet that I use everyday and the three strand silver bracelet that is actually a one piece from fossil.  

And that is it guys thank you for reading<3

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