Now I know I've done this post before, in-fact this topic was my first post on this blog. But from that day on I've learned more and more on how to dress my self a lot better. But if you want to check out the fist How to Look Thin Without Loosing Weight post I will have the link the bottom of this post with all my other social media links. Now before I start and forgot my manners, hello, how are you guys? hope you have a lovely day. 

Let's start by pointing out that you are beautiful just the way you are, you should be proud of your body shape and figure now and love yourself unconditionally.  But there is nothing wrong to feel good about yourself and your figure, so here are some tips I'd like to share with you guys. 

The first and easiest way is to stand up straight, as a matter of facet a study was done that says if a person sands up straighter they look up to 5 pounds thiner. And I think this study was so true, I am not going to lie but slouching has been a habit of mine witch is very bad and therefor the first new years resolution, don't slouch.

Next up is the peplum dress, top even pants. The peplum is definitely my to go outfit in the days where I feel my confident level is low, The shape of the top/dress makes any figure more 
faltering. It synchs in the smallest area in your body part and flares out in the bottom to hide the bulge in your stomach (That is if you have one). It creates the illusion of a thinner waist and gives you a slight hourglass shape figure.

The following tip is high waisted pants, this is one of the best inventions in the fashion industry (at-least for me) The beauty of the high-waist pants is it tucks in the fat and bulge in your stomach because muffin top is not at all faltering.

Also in the pants areas the next thing is black skinny jeans of jeggings. Now I know I have this similar tip in my fist post but this is black and I mean no other dark colour but black. And this pretty explanatory you, it is a dark colour the darkest one even so it will give you the illusion of a skinny thigh. 

Hells, I'm sure everyone knows that using hells shaped up your legs making them look extremely thin but i just feel the need to remind you once again. And another plus is that it gives you height.

Okay that is it guys I hope 6 tips is enough to fill your time today and have a good day or night<3

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