Good day humans of the planet, how was your day? well either way I hope this post cheers you up! today I'll be sharing something highly requested that some of you guys have emailed me to do a what's in my school bag post, so I am giving you this post today. 


So this is my bag it is from MCM and have studs all over it. It is this pink raspberry colour and black with a little bit of red lining in the inside. I would say this is a great bag to work with because it is very spacious to put all my belongings from school. I don't blame you if you have seen this bag before weather it's in my couple recent post or somewhere else because I have use this bag before for the last post.  

Then inside I just have the most important things I and I could never imagine my day at school without this 3 things and they are my laptop, phone and the laptop charger. My school uses more laptops than books therefor each students are required to bring one. And as for the charger I like to have it inside my bag at all times just incase if the battery runs low.   

Next are my binders, and as for now i just need 3 binders to take notes and sometimes I do slip my homework inside.

Then there is my pencil-case, i got it a long time ago and it is pink almost ombre since it was so old and have a little eiffel tower in the corner. The pencil case is from typo and they still sell it I believe, but if not there are a lot of other patterns and design. 

After the pencil case i just have my planner that helps me keep up on any plans, homework, blog-post and just everything basically. The panner is from Thomas Sabo it was a free gift from buying the charm.  

Then I have my wallet or more of a pouch and it's pretty self explanatory so I wont bother re-explaining the use of a wallet.

The last thing inside my bag is a bunch of miscellaneous stuffs, they are my water bottle to keep me dehydrated, my hair scrunchie and hairties to keep my fair out of the way and last my locker key to open my locker.   

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