Hello you! how was your day? I hope you have a great day and today I have some exciting news that hopefully you'll like. This was suggested by one of you via email for me to do a Wreck This Journal series because she saw an old picture I post on Instagram of my journal and asked me to do a series.

Now because I bought my journal a little over a year and if you see the picture I've done some of the wrecking already I can't start from the very first page till the end. What I'll be doing is do what ever page I feel like and I will also take page suggestions from you that would mean a lot<3 and I'll do that very page in different episodes of the Wreck This Journal series.

So here are all the compilation for all the pages I've wreck to give you an idea of how much I've done (not even half way)



And that is all the wrecking I've done for the past year and 3 months, I haven't done much as you can see and that is caused by the lazy bone I have. I'll also be naming the series Wreck It With Hilary self explanatory why, I'll sure be doing much more for this blog post series soon. So keep your eyes pealed for that! but for now have a good day guys bye:)

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