If you think I forgot about uploading another WTJ destruction page then you guessed wrong. Today I brought to you the cutest little page piled with leaves and wild flowers. From page 19 of the book by Keri Smith here it is! please take a seat and enjoy reading this small monologue I put up.

 "Press Leaves And over Found Things

As I mention I'll be doing page 19 from the book and it says to "Press Leaves And over Found Things

Like another people my first instinct was to go to the backyard and gather dry leaves or even ones from the tree straight and pluck it. I've gather up orchids and stray leaves. You don't have to go over board gathering the leaves you'll only need a small amount to smear around the book will do the job.  

Next thing I do is the easiest and funnest step yet, smear/ rub your leaves to your journal. I soon notice that dry leaves does not leave a stain/mark in my journal so I have to go back to my backyard and pluck leaves from the tree then and there and it works ten times better. 

Here is the smear stain the leaves leave and It looked gross so I decided to glue my dry leaves in the journal as well to add more accent.

First I arrange the position of the leaves figuring the right place to stick them. After I am satisfied with the arrangement I glued them in place.

This last step is optional but I just take a black marker and scrabble doodle in the leaves making them look more earthy. And if you are concerned about the leaves dying don't be, it will look a lot better dry so you wont have to worry about it looking perfect because this book is purposely made to be wrecked.  

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