Valentines is coming up or other wise known as single awareness day as for some of you called it, and probably dreaded the day. I know you heard this before but being single does not prove anything to you about being "unwanted" what is actually shows is an independent strong person who needs nobody to tell them they're beautiful, because they know it. Enough of the mushy saying let us start with the outfits I put up together for you who just want to have instead of romance in valentines!


I don't know about you but I totally agree "food is the key to a woman's hear" so why don't we channel that in your valentines day outfit? I love the food accents in this outfit plan, the food is definitely over powering the look that is why I stay simple in makeup and shoe. This look is hands down comfy, is you hate wearing jeans then a pair of leggings should still make this look to die for. And can we just take a moment of silence for the popcorn bag? isn't it just the cutest thing you ever laid eyes on.

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-jewlery: Daisy earings


Who says you need a classy date to bring you to fancy restaurants? I put this outfit up for  little more special occasion, if you have plans with your friends to eat in a fancy restaurant then this is a good choice. It looks super cute but is still simple in pieces. I think the dress is super cute, I love the bright prints in them it reminds me of spring where the flowers are just blooming. 

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-Shoes: White pumps
-Lipstick: MAC 
-Scarf: Tartan scarf


This next outfit idea is for you who just want to chill and relax at valentines but still wants to look cute. This is the perfect look is you are planning to go to your friends house, watch some movies and chill because it still gives the comfort you love without looking like a hobo. I would honestly wear this outfits out but would most likely only to swap my slippers for something more acceptable.  This outfit would look great with a high bun, don't necessarily need to use a doughnut bun if you are a lazy pants you could always tie your hair in a high pony tail. For this look since you'll be staying indoors a lot I suggest no makeup, but if you would like to put on make up probably something light. I don't know about you but during this time of event I'd like to peppered my skin since no one will see you without makeup. 

LOOK ONE (from the left)


-Top: Nirvana Crop Top (the exact top has been discontinued, so here is a similar one)


-Top: Fries Before Guys Baseball tee (grab it fast, it is limited edition)
-Footwear: Bunny silippers

There you go! 5 outfit ideas for you who dislikes valentines day, have a great rest of the day thank you for reading:) ps come back the next day for another post

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