It's been quite a long time since my last DIY project so today I wake up thinking to do just that. This DIY project is purely inspired by Neil Young's Heart Of Gold song, If you know that song then you are amazing if you don't and you'd like to listen to it click above. I've decided to make a pillow today with things I found around my house and I'm sure yours too. And just want to put it out there this pillows are technically not made to be used for sleeping this is just like one of the pillows for decoration purposes only. So please enjoy making this Neil Young Inspired Throw Pillow. 

What you'll need:

-Pillow fiberfil, you can find that anywhere in your local stationary shop
-Two rolls of burlap fabric
-Sequined Fabric 
-Pens and pensil
-Needle and Thread (Optional)
-Glue gun or Fabric glue
-Needle Heads


The first thing to do is to spread up your burlap (you'll need 2) then cut the burlap 30 by 36 cm to both of the burlap. 


This step is optional but I hate my pillow looking wrinkled so The solution to that problem is to iron it above a piece or paper or a matt, trust me you don't want your floor stained because the burlap do leave a clear visible mark.


Stack your burlap on to of each other the glue them both in the wrong side of the fabric meaning the one facing down. You'll do that for all 3 sides and keep the 4th side partly open.


As I said before leave half of the 4th side un-glued, leave at least 6 inch (15 cm) open gap. 


When the glue had fully dried up it's time to flip your pillow inside out, now you know why you should leave 6 inches of the fabric un sealed. 


It should end up looking like this when you're done flipping it inside out, don't worry too much about the corners being un even it will all come around once you stuff your pillow.


the funnest step yet, it's time to fill in your pillow with some fibrefill this is the time wher you got to adjust the size and the shape of your pillow.


Once you are happy with the way your pillow looks glue the open part together to make sure the fibrefill stays inside the pillow.


When the glue is dried you can adjust the shape of your pillow again until you are satisfied.


Cut your sequined fabric 17 by 17 cm. You'll end up with 2 squares


Then I cut out both of my sequenced fabric into a heart shape because of Neil Young's Heart of Gold song. But you could cut any shape you like. 


Then lastly glue your heart in each side of your pillow and you are done!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope this post helps you, be sure to come back tomorrow for another daily post. Have a good rest of the day:)


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