So after a lot of writing and scheduling, I have chosen this post for my 50th blog post to share with you:) Today's post is very exciting and I know I mentioned that in a lot of my post but I really mean it in this one! Less than a month ago I went to Sebastian Gunawan's fashion show, if you don't know who he is please please google him and see what you're missing. He honestly one of the best designer and creates pieces that blows my mind. At first I wanted to do a vlog type post but then I figure It will be too long and it's not that interesting as well. 

So I have decided to post and share with you my favorite pieces from his collection. His fashion runway was oriented themed so there will be alot of water color type flowers and high neck line. 

A little disclaimer, I do take this pictures from my camera, it is not taken anywhere from google snapped by a professional photographer so please excuse the shaky images. Thank you:) 


The first outfit was this heavily patterned dress. For me this dress reminds me lot like an asian version of the dress Alice from Alice in Wonderland use because of the puffy bottom. My favorite part of the dress was the neck line and sleeves, I think that they made the outfit looked more oriented with the details from a cheongsam dress.

This next two are diffrent pieces but for me they looked alike, although I can't pick one as my favorite so here is two of them. The first one looked like something cleopatra would wear and the second one looked like a modren cleapatra outfit.  And that's why I put the side by side because I think both pieces completed each other. Both of them have high neck lines which for me is a smart move because you could have very short necks but by using a turtle neck your neck will elongate and gives an affect of a wider chest.

I think this might be the outfit most true to the theme. This outfit looked very oriented and the asian aspect and touch is clearly visible through the paisley pattern that looked like the ones in a Chinese porcelain. I love the top and the brown panel in the chest area, although I wish the red sleeves would be used for a different out fit, I feel like this design is very sweet and the sleeves are too bold and structured. But besides that I love this deign nonetheless.

A huge part of the reason why I loves this outfit was because of the shoulder and neck part, I love that the chest part uses a sheer net kind of material and the neck with heavily embellished embroideries that looked like a statement necklace from a good distance. I also like the champagne coloured gloves it makes the outfit looked majestic and grand.  Effie Trinket form the Hunger Games would rock this outfit perfectly.

This outfit is actually my favorite one out of all. It is simple but the structure to this dress is just amazing. The red blood color and the design have me resembling this outfit and the one people describe little red riding hood's outfit looked like. The dress looked like a two piece(it is not), the dress it self and a coat, And surprisingly I love the black crochet gloves, it adds more personality to the look. 

I apologise for the quality of this picture  particularly, but This dress still stays true to the theme in being oriented but add a little modren twist with the high low peplum top. I love the skirt especially, the pencil skirt have a sheer zebra pattern that is visible when it's under a light. 

This last one is a very beautiful long flowwy dress with a peplum top. I love the lavender color for this dress and the embroidering in the middle top and semi on the bottom. I feel like this could pass as oriented because of the neck detailed which is in almost every outfit in the runway. 

This are just a few of Sebastian's amazing collection if you are interested on seeing his whole fashion show I'm sure you could find them in youtube. Thankyou for reading see you on my next post:)

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