I know this is really late but here are some packaging valentines day DIY That is super simple and can be done under 5 minutes. I'll be showing you 3 gift ideas made from scratch ad a little cheat as well. So please take a seat and enjoy!

First off if you are reading this on a valentines day well then Happy Valentines day to you! you deserve the best and have a blast today weather you are at home of going somewhere with your love ones. If you are reading this post then that could only mean 2 things, A you haven't brought a gift for your significant someone or B you are bored out of your mind and have nothing better to do, but don't worry hopefully this post will bring you to a more jolly mood. 


This is a very simple gift to give to your friends or as an adding, What I do is I bought a couple of mini nail polishes from L.A Colors and mini tic-tacs and tie them both together adding diffrent charm for each one. This is a super cute and dainty gift it is also very in-expensive.


This next one I DIY the box which I'll show you how to do soon, and write cheesy pickup lines I found on google and Tumblr. I think this is such a conversation starter and is super cute to give to some one who is closer to you. Inside the parcel I put 2 chocolate chip cookies in a ziplock bag to keep them crunchy and slide those inside the parcel. And there you have it a mini little gift to give.


This one is similar to the pickup line parcel, but in this one I use red card-board and write "Happy Valentines" in the parcel. I figure that you might not be 100% comfortable giving someone a parcel with cheesy pickup lines so this is just an alternative. Instead of putting chocolate chip cookies I put in lemon zest biscuit.  


This one is also the same as the last 2 parcel but instead of a cheesy pickup line and a happy valentines saying I write in the Valentines day in the parcel in blue pen. Inside the parcel I put small fish biscuits in a ziplock bag before putting it inside the parcel to secure the fish biscuits. 



Cut out your card board like the following picture, you can make the parcel box bigger depending on the width and height you decide. But if you would like to make a similar parcel size to mine just follow the template in the picture. 


Next step is to fold the card board by following the template like so.


Then just secure the box by tapping the open area


Cut around half an inch slit in the edges of the card board. 


Tape that in place and you have the base for the parcel!


Then cut out a piece of scrap-book paper the same or not slightly larger width as the top. Then you are going to fold the paper in half. 


Next step is you are going to find something you want to put inside the parcel, in this case because this is just an example I write in a pice of card board paper "You are the apple to my pie" to put in. But you could always put something else inside like your significant someone's favorite candy or a special treat. 


Then just simply slide it inside your parcel


Step 9 is to grab the piece of scrapbook paper you cut out and fold and place it on top of the parcel


Almost finish now, all you have to do in this step is to staple the scrap book paper in place to seal the parcel in.


The last step is optional you can leave the parcel simple and sleek or write a cute little message in the front. And that's it you're done!

And that's it guys, sorry for the late post. But better late then never right? Happy Valentines and have a great day!

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