As you all know I am Indeed a very lazy person, but I also like to dress cute without putting in much effort so here are 4 outfit ideas I put up for you

This first outfit plan I made is super edgy at least for me. Like any other lazy person something loose and big is always a go to so the large flannel t-shirt dress will do just fine. And I know some of you stays in a 4 season country so I paired the dress with a pair or red hunter boots to keep you feet warm, to top it of as well I add in a knee high socks. My favorite accent piece to this whole look have got to be the smiley backpack it sort of remind me of something the Japanese fashion industry would produce.

This next one is my favorite, my rule number one on comfy fashion is scrunch silk shorts. This piece would look absolutely stunning because it has 2 scrunch accents in both pieces and it can give an affect of a flat stomach, For this outfit I am aiming for a boho coachella style so it is heavily inspired by tumblr and the 80s. I love the daisy purse I think it ties in with the bold look giving it a softer feminim vibe to the look. 

Can we just talk about those shorts? I love the detail and the tartan print the shorts provide it is super cute I love how the shorts looks like a flannel wrapped around it is just an amazing piece. I know It is probably not normal for a human being to freakout about a pair of pants but they are just gorgeous. I paired the pants with an Aztec print tank and its not a comfy fashion without chunky cardigans. To tie the whole outfit up a pair of all black high top convers and a few accessorise including the fox earring the pink watch and the teal bag.   


This next outfit output literally shouts I Woke Up Like This basically you could always recreate this outfit with different pieces in your closet. I'm sure all of you have a denim jacket, sweat pants and tank laying around your closet and for footwear just throw on any kind of combat boots you have, but in-case if you want those exact pieces shown in the output I linked them all bellow, fyi I also linked all the fashion pieces from above output as well. 

That's it Lazies!

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