We all know that the 80's fashion is not everyone's cup of tea due to the bizarre, crazy and big up do not to mention the colours that may or may not be dangerous for the eye cornea (it's a joke) and honestly I wouldn't blame you from being terrified of the fashion choices back then.

As I grew up I have grown a massive curiosity of how fashion trends evolves and why people say "fashion trend is a cycle" so this weekend I've done some research including watching old 80's chick-flicks (Some Kind of Wonderful is the real mvp) to see the comparison between the 80s style people describe and how the movie show it as.

Surprisingly the 80's bright colours and overly teased hair are a trend for people who consider themselves as hippies, and ones who does not consider them-self as a hippies or the life of the party but still live and breath the 80s air actually uses more coloured that are washed up like a powder blue or a stained yellow. I'm not 100% sure about my point but I can say I'm at-least 98% sure based on the lifestyle and photographs I saw and compare but it could be different to your perspective. But as people like me who are born in the year 2000's know them as the bright and fun decade so let us not cause problem and relieve that point of view:)

I want to take you to a journey back to the 80s and experience the feeling and admiration toward the trends so I'll be sharing with you some fashion pieces that symoolizes the 80s fashion. I might not mention all so if you think I miss anything important please comment down bellow:)

Let us start with the most significant item that represent the brave decade, off the shoulder tops. This style of top are worn b almost 50% of female teenagers in the US, and is sold in most stores. Off the shoulders top are usually mixed with a graphic design and bright colours, this type of clothes is considered a must have in that particular decade, It's like like a plain crop top now if you don't have it then your not cool (again, I joke! no crop top = strong human beings)

Next is the oh so ever popular leg warmers, Looks like a racoon spray painted yellow...ugh... technically ya I do see the resemblance but to be brutally honest I would want a pair, they look kinda cool I could imagine anyone wearing them with an all white outfit looking elegant and sleek but instead of the party in the back it's in BAM YOUR LEGS! I mean they would look awesome, and they were super popular in the 80's as it is multi purpose, one as a leg-warmer and two as a fashion staple piece. Now people re-create these leg warmers but in a more toned down manner, usually knitted and a slimming cut.

Big hair is the key hairstyle to survive in the same era as Madonna. A lot of teasing and back combing also some crimping iron action to achieve this bold look and confidence to complete that comes with this up-do. This hair style are a-lot of the times paired with big bows in the center of the head. Some familiar faces that lives and breathes the 80s air with the same funky hairstyle are the oh so popular Cindi Lauper, Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker. This time today tons of people start styling their hair in a big up-do paired up with a bow it has become a trend especially for summer because it gives volume and keeps the hair out of your face.

This is something familiar, jelly shoes. I believe the year 2015 is the year where 80s trends come back to live. Back in the 80's this is the most popular footwear made of silicon it comes in many different colours and the signature geometric cutout fencing it, the peep in the center is what I think makes it a tad better especially if your toe nails are perfectly coloured.

 I believe the evolution of denim starts again the 80s as I saw tons of pictures of townspeople rocking them. Usually accessorise in a bunch of pins and iron on patch, you might think that maybe denim in that era can be a little overrated since everyone seem to be using them but  is I can just point out a little fact I don't think they are since each denim jacket or shirt or trousers are personalised to make each one unique and special (All about the originality!)

I'm sure there are tons of other items that represent the 80s but let's be honest most of them you already know of like tattoo chokers and tutus and I don't want to be repetitive HAHA, if you like this kind of post please like and comment thank you for reading and see you Tuesday!

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