Today's post is super whimsical and very old fashioned, I am not going anywhere in particular but I'd like to dress up so here is another post. My skirt is from Wonder Rocket a Japanese store in located in Harajuku Street, I've been to Japan quite a few times and when ever I visited Harajuku Street, Wonder Rocket is definitely my on the list. The store just sells cute and dainty clothing items. So if you happen to be in Japan I highly recommend you to take a peak. 

As for my top it is also from Harajuku Street Japan, in a store called Side Sentence, I think the top match perfectly wight he skirt because the lace ties in well with the embroidery in the skirt. I am obsessed with the lace embroidered peter pan collar i think it adds personality. 

My bag is from Cath Kidston and if you read my blog posts before you will definitely notice the bag. I am so in love with the bag and I wore the crap out of it because it just brightens up any outfits. And to go with the bag I hug a leopard tail keychain that I brought in Singapore Zoo to add a more playful vibe. 

To look extra tumblr-y I pretend to read a book that actually have no writings what so ever because it is indeed a sketch book filed with drawing so enjoy my little picture role-play. 

That is the last of today's post, and my uploading game have been really bad lately so I apologise for the long waited blog posts, I've got to start uploading more post soon so keep an eye for more!