Lately I’ve been super obsessed with online shopping I just find it a lot easier and perks I found more things I like online compared to when I shop in malls. 
I’ve been loving the shop Tidebuy because the website is so user-friendly and they have so many outfit variety to choose from all categorised neatly from wedding, cocktail, knitwear, bags, shoes and the absolute definition of from a to z. 

My favourite part is scrolling down the evening dresses category they have beautiful dresses that will make you feel like cinderella. The best part is that they are cheap cocktail dress with the best quality and design you’ll be confused there isn’t another zero in the pice. So if you are a fashion enthusiast these fashion cocktail dresses from Tidebuy will be prefect for you:)  

Maybe you are a person who likes to dress up in something more casual and comfy, well don’t worry be happy I was impressed with the design tide buy T-shirts and knitwear they are in my dictionary the definition of cute.

Another section i like is the shoes department I mean when I tell you they have everything I literally mean everything. The shoe selection are categorised as well from flats to sneakers to plus size shoes so this store is completely versatile. 

If you are a guy or is in to hunt to buy the man in your life a special something, you are just in luck Tidebuy also have collection for guys and nothing less amazing compared to the woman’s selection. 

Out of curiosity I scroll and browse around the Tidebuy section for guys, I must say they sell cool looking hoodies that will make you awe, there is plain simple one coloured on to fun and quirky looking one. If I must say so myself I would actually purchase them as a gift because a hoodies is something that will be very handy especially for the cold seasons. In this case I might not be going anywhere else to shop.