August 2015 - The Closet Elf

Back to School Outfit with Zaful!

Back to school season is here! I know this might be the saddest time of the year and besides school supply shopping to cheer up the mood there is something better.. yup you guessed it back to school outfits. For me personally this have never been a problem because my school uses uniforms but for you who goes to school without uniform requirements let me give you a hand!

I feel the need to help out a friend (erkhm.. you..) by helping you shop for back to school, so here are a few of the outfit ideas! All the items put out bellow are from a shop called Zaful and obviously they have the perfect items and in budget for going back to captivity or as we call it school.

Asian Blair Waldorf

Gossip girl ended 3 years ago as of now and yet title and statements are still referenced to that legendary show, and honestly I do not at all mind #Bluck. Today's outfit is inspired by the oh so stylish Blair Waldorf. And I think I did a pretty ok job in cooperating the signature pieces from Blair style with my very own.  I also love how this outfit is perfect or fall because of the burgundy colour and the warm sensation the outfit brings, it will be a great way to welcome the season. 

Monochrome Waldo

TA-DA get the punn? monochrome Waldo? Pros to you if you recognised that phrase! Today's outfit is something I put up vey fast and realize I look like Waldo in jail when I'm done.

My striped high neckline dress is from H&M and I believe you can still get in stores because I just got it very recently. My favourite thing about this dress is the razor line in the back it makes your back look thin and slender. Also stripes are very popular this season so instead of taking it down a notch I decide to exaggerate all the features.

DressLink Wishlist

I said this once I’ll say it again I am in love with online shopping! And I could ramble for hours on why online shopping is great but that would be too boring. Instead of boring you to death I will ramble on this shop I’d recently found out called DressLink, honestly you just need to check it out for yourself it is just amazing. You will be amazed with both the design and price, I have read a bunch of reviews and almost 99% of the reviews are nothing but a positive note. 

Because scrolling down the shop is not enough for me I have to share with you the things I love from their site! And keep in mind there are a thousand other things I’d like but these are just my top 3.