Now if you have living in the west part of the planet then you must currently be in the chilly season of fall, and this post is perfect for you! Now I don't know much about the season divisions and I'm not planning on doing further research but I know that this time today is not the beginning nor the end of fall so it must be in the middle of the season, SO the outfits I've chose are specifically made for this time of year! So without further or due here is the outfit ideas! Oh and one more thing! in order to create this style boards I have cooperate with a unique and fun wholesale clothing shop called Apparel Candy that sells top, bottom, skirts basically anything fashion related they even sell wholesale sunglasses! so if you are interested in any of the items shown bellow go on right ahead to their site!

Top   //   Bottom   //   Bag

The first outfit is something that I honestly can see myself wearing. I am especially attracted with the top, the way the polkadot blouse is paired with the cropped cream sweater the piece can easily be styled in a bunch of different occasion so definitely a point for the versatility. For the bottoms I opt for a asymmetrical cut fitted skirt, and this kind of skirt actually is slimming on a pear, triangular and hourglass figure. The black color will obviously match everything so that is another reason why I chose this piece, if you haven't notice I'm all about versatility now;p And plus i think theat both pieces combined the top and bottom will look exquisitely chic. To finish off the look I add on a cross-body purse that has a hint of braided detail down the center.

Top   //   Bottom   //   Sunglasses
The second output you can see that there is a little bit of mix prints and that is actually done coincidentally because it think both pieces will mesh well. The main reason why i chose both pieces together is because orange in the pants brings out the hints of orange or tope-ish colors in the top. I also need to find a bottom that will balance out the shape of the blouse because the blouse is pretty loose. So to save this piece the leggings work well. Then to add more jazz I add on a pair of sunnies, they are what I like to call the bug eye just because of it's oversized circle frame.

Top   //   Bottom   //   Bag
The third piece is a little bit more laid back but still super cute, it is inspired by the boho style that been going on summer, Hey it is fall but the summer spirit still lives! The trousers is the obvious story teller, i love the pattern and the colour contras it holds, and when it is paired with the simple lace top will the bell selves it just adds a little something. Finishing off the look with a light brown clutch.

Top   //   Bottom   //   Bag
Last output has to be my favourite. Another mix pattern output but this time with cool tone colors. For the top I choose a sweater with patched shoulders. I love the small details that spread all across the top (ps: you can see it better in the site) then pairing the top with a geometric black and white maxi skirt. To finish off the look a blue clutch with chevron patterns.

That is the last of today;s post guys hope you had a fun read and i'll write to you guys soon:)