As human it’s our nature portrayed the best version of ourself and that don’t necessarily mean just your appearance, portraying the best version of yourself consist also of a good attitude and personality. Since I’m not capable of writing about attitude or anything along that line, what I can share with you is how to portray the best version of yourself through your wardrobe. The best tip I can give is to know what neckline suits you best. Necklines can easily transform your appearance, there are around 6 different necklines and I am here to help you pick the right neckline for your body type. 

I also know that toward the ned of the year events and parties will start piling up, so i decided to make this  2 in 1 post by using special event dress as example of how neckline can transform your look. All the gowns are from Tidebuy since they have everything I need to share with you. They sell beautiful affordable and cheap cocktail dresses that I bet is perfect for everyone. 

My all time favourite neckline is the turtle neck or high necklines just because I think it falters my body type the most. A turtle neck will look stunning if you have a slender body shape and want to play up your curves since a turtleneck will give a illusion of a biggest chest and hip. 

The black dress with swans draping all over the dress is definitely a conversation starter. I love the vibe the gown brings its very lively and bold. This would look amazing in a black and white party. I can imagine how stunning this dress would look with a high ponytail where your hair is straiten until sleek. Although I would re-mmodify this dress by decreasing the flowers on the neck. As for the outfit on the right hand side reminds me so much of Cleopatra. The gold embellishment on the dress brings out the blue colour of the dress making the dress look more vibrant. I am also in love with the mermaid tail it have, a little fun fact mermaid tails looks stunning in almost all body type since it will elongate your legs making you appear taller. 

The scoop neckline may be one of the most common neckline for most tops or dresses. This particular neckline fits all body type especially is you have an hourglass figure because it will balance out your lower and upper body. The scoop neckline is very flattering for people who inherit shorter necks or narrow shoulders, this neckline will give elongate those areas. It will also give an illusion of a wider bust. 

Both of the dresses above are scooped necklines. The one on the left is more casual with minimal bering and a slit in both sides of the hip. The colour reminds me a lot of the frosty winter weather especially if it’s paired with a simple silver pendant. I would recommend keeping the gown simple so it will appear elegant. The one on he right is one of my favourite picks, I love the emerald green colour especially with it’s embellishment on the top, I think this gown will look amazing with stacked bracelets colour ranges from bronze to gold. 

Not a lot of people can rock squared necklines as it bulks up your upper body making it uneven. Although a pear shape, that means when your hips are wider than your shoulders looks stunning in a square neckline as it balance out the silhouette. It gives the illusion of a broader shoulder. 

The two dress I chose have slight similar color palates. The one on the left have a light pink base colour and black trimming covered with black gems. I love the strap he dress holds, it’s thick and scalloped trim. The second dress is a bit more darker with a busy pattern of I think they are flowers in the top. I am in love with the mermaid bottom it adds a little something special to the gown.

Next is the v neck, v necks are extremely classic and suits almost all body types. But it will look most flattering on a person who have boar shoulders, thick torso and a shorter neck as it will elongate the features. Using a round pendant necklace will balance out the outfit. 

The two outfits I picked with the V necklines are both very bold. I am in love with the dress on the left, it’s extremely quirky especially with the collar that adds more personality to the whole outfit. The dress on the right is has the same exact pattern as the one on the left but with a different design. Overall I am in love with both dresses the only difference is the dress on the right is a little bit more classy and the one on the left is more bold. 

Then we have the sweetheart neckline, A sweetheart neckline is perfect of you who have an angular shape face since it will balance and contour the face. This neckline will also look stunning on a pear figure as it concentrates the eye torso above. 

The dress on the left is extreme ravishing, I am in love with the feather like graphic also the colour combinations. The slit in the side is also a little something and with hells it will elongate your legs. The dress on the right is the classic all red dress, lets face it you can never go wrong with a classic chill red dress. 

The tube neckline is the most versatile neckline that will match any figure. Although it will look most lovely on someone with long neck and a broad shoulders as it will extenuate those assets. Besides that the tube neckline suits all body shapes and figures and will also compliment all figures. 

The dresses I picked are again very busy, the red one on the left reminds me so much of something Kate Spade would sell. I love the red and black combination and although I do wish the bow below the chest would be demolished I still love the dress nonetheless. The dress on the right is a super start it self I love the way one arm is cuffed with the fabric again there is so much personality the dress holds. The pattern is also extremely stunning, I am starting to think blue is my new favourite colour. 

Now that you've got your hot cocktail dresses you are ready to create and conquer, this is the last of today's post I hope you had a nice read and I'll talk to you soon:)