Confidence, is something everyone needs. Some are gifted with it, some are not very lucky and have to work for it. This shoe is specifically design to bring out your inner beast, the right pair of shoe can easily elevate your appearance supporting you with confident needed. Not intentionally saying that your physical appearance is all you need, but it’s clearly one of the factors that can earn you confidence. I've been lucky enough to be asked to contribute a design of MYSWEAR Shoes from the brand Farfetch, a beautiful and aesthetic fashion brand that would make you want to buy their whole collection.

Colours and textures are particularly picked and has certain meanings to it. The ankle side are made out of hairy calf with camouflage print symbolises a fighter and a clear path to victory just like a soldier. Shows that you are not afraid to fight for what you want. The front or the tongue of the shoe are made out of yet again a hairy calf, but instead of the camouflage print it’s fully in the colour fuchsia. The colour represent the feminism side or a delicate flower just like the plant with a spunky personality. Hairy calf as the chosen fabric seem very reasonable as it’s warm yet thin making this shoe wearable for all four seasons. The side is purposely design simply as the front and ankle strap are very dramatic, although the side is in a beige shade to soothed the aroma of the shoe. The heel made from natural python makes a great base for the shoe as it shows bravery and can easily adapt in any environment just like the snake. All the hardware including including the strap tip are silver to give contras to the shoe. Last the shoe lace are in mustard yellow are it brightens up the whole colour scheme making the pair of shoes look more lively. 

Due to the beautiful colour and contras the shoe carries, you can easily get away with just wearing a plain all black outfit with this shoe and you’ll look like you took the time and effort to create your outfit as the shoe is a staple piece it self. Here are a few outfit ideas with this pair of shoe to give you an idea on how versatile this pair can be. 

 Busy mix-pattern shoes can also be very versatile, and can easily bring your outfit to the next level. The right pair of shoes should bring you a certain amount of joy, does this pair bring you any?