Hello how are you? Long time no write, I believe this is the longest run I've gone without writing anything and I've missed it dearly. Basically if you are wondering why I've not been updating for the past 2 weeks blame it all on my semester exams, yes sadly your homegirl still goes to school and is brutally missing the holidays. Since my exams are over that is as for right now I'm going to celebrate it with this outfit blog post. Now ever since the start of my semester exam I've learned to dress minimally as in very casual not minimally where you can see my everything, but still look half decent. So today's outfit post is going to be very simple and casual, this outfit is honestly what I wore the entire exam week so here it is. 

Let's start with the basics, my flannel is from Next but you can obviously find any red and white plaid dress shirt anywhere and you'd most likely have one lying around your closet so no worries. Not getting into depth about my plaid dress shirt since it is just any regular plaid dress shirt of flannel as you'd like to call it. Next up is my T-Shirt that I believe is a conversation starter, it have a graphic in the center of the shirt that says "I'm too sexy for this T-Shirt" and i think it adds more personality to the whole look instead of just wearing any ol' white t-shirt. Because this outfit is completely inspired by my battle of exams I don't want to be in something uncomfortable so i have on my handy-danddy leggings, in the pictures it looks like any other plain black leggings but if you see it in person this pair of leggings actually have shimmers in it and "shines" when it hits the light. I have my hair in a bun because I want my hair out of my face at all times when doing the exam it just helps me concentrates better. And if you are wondering I do have my hair moulded on a doughnut sponge, don't worry my hair is not that thick. To finish off the look I have on a multi coloured wire head band that I wrap a few times in my hair bun that acts as both an accessory and to hide the baby hairs and messy stick up hair from the bun.  

And this is it you guys! I know this is not the best outfit post i've posted, but I'll be sure to create more creative posts and outfit ideas soon I'm already working on it so stay tuned for that. I'll  also be updating sooner than you might expect so keep an eye on that or you could follow my through gfc of subscribe through email at the bottom of this blog! Write to you soon:)