Hello you, Today's post is going to be something similar to you if you have read my previous posts it is the Versatile blogger award. This is my second time being nominated and I have to say I enjoy writing it. This time I am nominated by the beautiful and talented Ms. Argie Mendoza and her blog rgmendoza and if you like Korean boy bands and fashionable post you should check out her blog!

The Rules: 
  • Thank the person who gave you this award. 
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about you.
  • Select blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

7 Facts About me:

1. My favourite movie is The Theory of Everything, am a fan of Eddie Redmayne's acting skills 

2. I love high neck tops

3. I am in love with Valentino and Alexander McQueen's design I think are the most fashion influential person and brand

4. I have the worst sweet tooth

5. I enjoy boat rides

6. Even though the last episode of Barney and Friends is 5 years ago I still enjoy watching it, yes I know age wise I'm "too old" for the show but I still love it endlessly<3

7. Most of my shoes are platformed because I'll be super short without them 


La Vie En Mauve, One of my favourite blogs to read makeup reviews, she gives her honset and genuine opinion on products she likes and do not like:) 

Lilly Style, she has a very classic look and always adds a pop of colour to her outfits. I love scrolling through her blog for inspirations.

Raellarina, A fashion and lifestyle blog, she use a lot of cool movie references in most her post that I relate to. Her blog is just very edgy and clean and I actually read her post regularly.

Mystery Girl, her blog is very entertaining and I could read through very post any day. It is very refreshing reading through her blog because it is very humours and fun.  

Another Earth Pink, This blog is very fun and playful, it is your daily dose of lifestyle and product update. 

Tom and Tins, I am in love with her blog, she have a very cute theme, she frequently updates her blog and posted good quality reviews.

Okey! This is the last of todays post and I was nominated a little over a month ago by Argie but I have not have time to write it yet until today! so enjoy! talk to you soon:)