The holiday season is upon u happy holiday everyone. I know that parties and events are up and running through out the holiday season and I bet you the parties this season are one of the most special ones well at least for me so I'd always like to put a little bit of effort to my outfit specially for the holiday season. And I thought why not share my top 4 dresses for the holiday. One more thing because I've been having way too much free time procrastinating I have been on many different sites to pick my best 4 dresses for this post and seem to have all 4 of my best picks so obviously I need to share them with you, so here are my top 4 dresses for the holidays all from one single store to make your life a lot easier. 

Usually I save the best one for last but this dress is just too gorgeous to be put in the very bottom. During this time of the year my favourite color to go is this deep emerald blue color instead of the classic red and green. I found the color of this dress extremely rich and elegant also it reminds me of a cold winter morning. The gold embroidery in the top adds an extra holiday touch especially with the embroidery formed as a paisley pattern. I feel like paisley are a little bit over ratted right now but for the holidays it's an exception since it makes this dress looks so beautiful.

There is two obvious reasons why this dress is one of my top picks, one if because you can never go wrong with a little black dress and second the sweetheart neckline looks so elegant on her and a neckline like that actually slims any body type so this pice will definitely be a go to on a bad day. Paying close attention to the trimming on the dress, its sort of scalloped which I think is a really nice way to elevate an lbd without over powering it since I think the purpose of an lbd is to personalize them yourself with your own twist.  

Ok I may have lied, red is also one of my favourites for the holidays. The color just looks so jolly and bright so I have to include this stunning piece in. I especially love the criss-cross look on the top of the dress with a little ruffling in them I honestly think ruffles makes any look more elegant and expensive. Although I think the bottom material could be better, maybe it's just me but I'm not a big fan of semi see through bottoms. I think if you are deciding on buying this dress I say go ahead it's a beautiful piece but a little tip is to put your hair up and not down so the tiny details in the picture will standout. 

We have an LBD but I also think that a LWT, the little white dress is just as important. This piece elegant piece caught my full attention, there is just something about a one strap dress that looks so stunning and chic. This piece from Promtimes is my favourite because it's strap is trimmed with the overlapping flowers that adds more attention to the shoulders. But I would not use the wist band as I think this piece would look more beautiful simple and the bow in the back is too empowering the design. But over all I really do like the dress.

And that is! my top 4 dresses for the holidays, I hope you guys find a great find and I'll talk to you soon!