As much as I want to title the post Winter instead of December Indonesia is still sane with two alternating seasons, hence the awkward headline. Dresses are no brainers, a complete outfit in 20 seconds, a reason why dresses in general are an essential. I tried to have options that could work for both the warm and chilly weather this christmas. I mean a few layers of thermal and stockings could make these dresses weather appropriate depending on where you are. 

To make your christmas shopping a fast trip all the dresses listed down bellow are from an even better idea shop all your christmas - or if you're not celebrating christmas than a very festive December- necessities at Zaful too, their dresses range varied plus is very inexpensive.

Essential #1 (CLICK!!)

Olive is a classic color especially this time around, among the three dresses this one is the most current. Slip dresses are back from the 70s, not to mention that they compliment all body shapes. Because it's an A-Line cut it will give an illusion of a thinner and slimmer leg. This one in particular is a bit more than the average slip dress, the hem are pleated on a good length above the knees so it does not cut short your legs. 

Essential #2

Like the color olive, red is also the prototypical December color. The design of this dress is very old fashioned almost like Matilda or the little red ridding hood but a lot less tacky. The dress with gold accessory and half braided hair justifies enough for a festive overview. It's length being in mid-thigh adds points to it's youthful design. 

Essential #3 (CLICK!!) 

Most scarce as countries inhabiting the cold weather would not be the perfect compliment for this dress unless worn indoors with the heaters on. But if you still want to go against the current or is currently having a warm December than why not this dress. 

Sabrina tops a month or two off trend but for I'll justify this one because of it's embroidery embellishment. Personally I value the art of embroidery (Hence the Book - CLICK!!)  and although I know for a fact this one is not hand embroidered it still urges me to biased it. I love this kind of dresses especially on days where I know I'll be eating a lot because of it's loose silhouette theres less angle for it to be unflattering.  

Those are the must have dresses as of December 2016, they are all based on personal opinions so if you have your own must have list feel free to tell me on the comment section down bellow or email me. Again if none of these dresses suits you, you can take a scroll on Zaful's Dresses section to find the one that suits your liking. I'll wrap it up by wishing you a stress free December break. 

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