patches are incredibly overrated especially throughout september but as the hype tone down I think it is appropriate to bring back the novelty. known for their flexibility to embellish and personalise anything it is no surprise that great things come in small packages, hence these are four winter appropriate pieces embellished with yours truly, the patches. 

scouting for patched apparels is not at all a handful, they are everywhere. the challenge is finding the 'one' or in this case four.  the ones here are all from StyleWe an online store that sells high quality designer items. this in collection in particular is by KAN · F where the designs are heavily inspired by the vibrant aspects of the world. 

one.    &      

a-line coats are essential, it's never off the market and demands for them are high. although, two stores might sell two different khaki coat and not a single soul would notice it's difference. to avoid situations like that, show your individuality by maybe pinning a pin on the sleeves or sow silk on the hem or maybe these patched coat. both are not heavily patched which allows them to be worn on professional events, besides individuality patches adds in a touch of personality which might become a conversation starter on future events. 


add colour to your wardrobe. why not orange? design two. might be my favourite out of the four, it's patches are embroidered a manner in which it does not overwhelm the design. it's semi casual top is not too basic nor it's opposite that wearing a patterned bottom would not engulf the patches embellishments. 


if colours are not welcomed yet then the ever so prosaic but timeless black, i assume would always be welcomed. design three. reminds me a lot of what wednesday adam would have wear if she lives in this day and age. i can really see her sitting in the far corner of the hallway admiring the patches on her dress. not to mention shirts layered under a slip-on is a trend i shamelessly give brownie points for. the dress ends mid-thigh which will elongate your legs, honestly i cant see why its not in my shopping bag //except that i'm broke// it's a beautiful piece and honestly i would applaud your taste if you think so too. 

yes,, patches.
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