Writing is a hobby, destined to come with passion and instinct. Which is why it is art, and art could not be forced. I’ve blogged for almost three years, and for many three is not many. Three is my favourite number, for that I vow my third year blogging would be kickass. Last year I had an unofficial break from blogging, because it’s unofficial I don’t know when to stop nor start. It is then where I learn the signs to take an official break. Defined as a punctual period of time in which blogging does not subsist. These are the signs I learn over the course of three years, when to take a blog break. 

Assuming blogging is not your full time job, acknowledging it is a big part of who you are and recognise the life you have over the computer screen. Your blog does not define you, it may be your niche but it does not represent you as a whole. As a person you seek for a great balanced, if you spend your time more on blogging and flunking math then maybe it’s time for a break. I can’t speak for all, but I am a student so I’ll speak in behalf of that. It’s not easy studying for good grades and a social life, but to top it all off having to nurture and keep your blog alive. In some days where school or work attacks you with a mouth full of work or in matter of days you’ll be having your mid-terms, guilt should not sit on your shoulders as you’re putting aside the next post. Blog is not who you are and that is why sometimes focus on the other parts that defines you. When there is too much on your plate, chew one at a time. 

Blogging is a hobby, and it is normal to temporarily despise it. Instead of focussing your time solely  on blogging, alter your focus on something else. If you spend time doing other things you love maybe you’ll despise blogging a lot less. A blog is your tiny portion in the cyberspace, why despise it. You want your blog to feel inviting and it certainly cant project that ambiance it you the creator does not feel the same way.

When you caught yourself typing blogpost ideas you know your brain is in a mood. It is when everything you write seems artificial and rewritten. You want to produce original content, and something artificial and RE does not scream read me. A break might not be too bad, take the time to plan out your ideas. Brains storming your ideas helps you organise your mind. I like writing things down, ideas are noted and if one sparks then the one will be further enhanced, it creates clarity in the direction your blog is going. 

Each person must have their own reason of starting a blog. A blog always have a purpose, means behind why it’s created, but if it’s purpose is to serve with as many rushed contents as possible then the blog is going the wrong direction. Quality over quantity, one amazing post is more than 50 ok posts. Your posts speaks a lot about who you are, if what’s written in your blog are bullsh*ts than that’s what they’re going to remember you of. 

Priorities speaks more than just your chores, it’s also being aware of the time and place. Take christmas for example, christmas is the season to show and profess your love and gratitude to the people around you. It may not be wise to say thank you with your nose tugged behind the computer screen checking on your blogging stats. When it’s a big event where you know your full attention should be somewhere else other than blogging take a break, even if it’s just for a week or two. 

I’ve been very inconsistent with my blog updates and I like to think it’s because of my unofficial break, then again not really. It took sometime for me before realising the direction I want my blog to go and if you don’t know where yours is going a break might be just what you need. 

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