My very first summer buddy that I think you should have one too is a pair of bell-bottom trousers, they are very versatile you can dress it up or down depending on your occasion. And with the right pair of foot wear they'll make you look a foot taller than you really are also slimming your legs, who doesn't want that?

Bellbottoms are first created in the year 1813, they are uniforms for sailors and soon become a fashion mainstream piece in the year 1960s to 1970s. Lets relieve those old fashion legends

Now bell-bottom is a newly growing trent as they say fashion repeats it-self, bellbottoms are now made more modern with quirky aztec prints and pattern and the ones made by denim are tailored to be more fitted. But truthfully have fun with the prints go beyond your comfort zone but don't push it. 

A little quick tip, go more beyond by pairing your bell-bottoms with a pair of cuban heels or chelsea boots, yup with that two combined you sure are a living antique (in a good way of-course) 

Without further adieu here are the combination to mix match different bell-bottoms

✿Celebrity In Bell-bottoms

Jennifer Lopez in a high-waisted bellbottom 
Sofia Vergara, pairing bellbottoms with nude pumps
Kendall Jenner in tribal bell bottoms at coachella
Victoria Beckham

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