Shopping Essentials Ft.Tidebuy

Lately I’ve been super obsessed with online shopping I just find it a lot easier and perks I found more things I like online compared to when I shop in malls. 
I’ve been loving the shop Tidebuy because the website is so user-friendly and they have so many outfit variety to choose from all categorised neatly from wedding, cocktail, knitwear, bags, shoes and the absolute definition of from a to z. 

Stapeled Embroidered

Today's post is super whimsical and very old fashioned, I am not going anywhere in particular but I'd like to dress up so here is another post. My skirt is from Wonder Rocket a Japanese store in located in Harajuku Street, I've been to Japan quite a few times and when ever I visited Harajuku Street, Wonder Rocket is definitely my on the list. The store just sells cute and dainty clothing items. So if you happen to be in Japan I highly recommend you to take a peak.