June 2016 - The Closet Elf

Summer Bottoms 2016 ft. Stylewe.com

Yesterday marks the end of my freshmen year in equivalent to the official start of the summer break, where I live happy-hour starts 2 weeks latter than others but it’s fine, the last couple weeks of school was spent wondering the pins in math class deciding which summer goals to really follow. Now that school is officially out of the picture and uniforms are not an everyday requirement. 

Korean Cosmetics Fist Impressions! Etude House, Tony Moly, Peripera

This post is long over due, last December I went to Korea with a few of my friends and one of them so happens to be very passionate about Korean beauty products hence the reason this post was created. I did write this post 3 months ago but forgot to post it on my blog but better late than never.