Patches. ft. StyleWe

patches are incredibly overrated especially throughout september but as the hype tone down I think it is appropriate to bring back the novelty. known for their flexibility to embellish and personalise anything it is no surprise that great things come in small packages, hence these are four winter appropriate pieces embellished with yours truly, the patches. 

Things To Do Before 2017!

A week before 2017, hence why the seven bullet list. I want this as mush as you do, I want to end 2016 strong so I gathered 7 simple but life changing lit of things to do before starting a new chapter. All seven ideas has it’s own motives and reason as of why. 

December Must Have Dresses

As much as I want to title the post Winter instead of December Indonesia is still sane with two alternating seasons, hence the awkward headline. Dresses are no brainers, a complete outfit in 20 seconds, a reason why dresses in general are an essential. I tried to have options that could work for both the warm and chilly weather this christmas. I mean a few layers of thermal and stockings could make these dresses weather appropriate depending on where you are. 

The Art of Body Positivity: Sundry

Beauty comes with age, therefore it is undefined. For as long as I could remember that is what I live by. A book that promotes body positivity through the power of apparel by creating 8 different apparels that represent the four major body shapes; hourglass, apple, pear and ruler that would be showcase on the book as well. Motives are simple but complex and thats to prove that beauty is not one size and ideal should not be a word used to describe beauty.