Styling White♡

♡Today's post is on How To Style White Tops.I'm sure all of you have a white top thats lying around your closet somewhere, and here is my spin on making it look more fancy and decent

♡This is almost similar to my last post and that is "How To: Spice Up An Outfit♡" (link// <--- please check it out:) But on this post is basically how i would style a white top.

How To: Grow Your Hair Out Fast♡

♡Tip #1
 Instead of washing your hair everyday try washing your hair twice a day. Washing your hair everyday can remove the natural oil that protects your skull and keeping it healthy, Making it more prone to breaking. Like the picture says embrace messy hair♡

♡OOTD #1

Hai guys, today i'm going to my friends house and i think i dress pretty decently so i decided to write post on what i wear today:)

How To: Spice Up An Outfit♡

Have you ever feel like your outfits are so plain and boring? Here I have some tips to help you spice up your outfit

How To: Have Long Think Lashes♡

♡Having think lashes is every girls dreams, but not all of us are blessed with long thick lashes. This tips are guaranteed to work in the gap of 2-3 weeks. For starters I have no lashes at all and i've been using this method since the past 2 months and it does actually make my lashes longer.

How To: Dress Thin Without Loosing Weight♡

♡The easiest way to look slimmer without loosing weight is to dress in plain tops, it don't necessarily need to be a dark coloured. just simply plain. Having a plain top will automatically bring the attention to either your face or your thigh bellow. it will avoid attention from your upper portion witch sometimes is it most troubling part, it will hide the fat tugging it in and some how camouflage it. So if your fat usually limps up around your stomach this is a great may to hide them.