October 2014 - The Closet Elf

Styling White♡

♡Today's post is on How To Style White Tops.I'm sure all of you have a white top thats lying around your closet somewhere, and here is my spin on making it look more fancy and decent

♡This is almost similar to my last post and that is "How To: Spice Up An Outfit♡" (link// http://hilarynirvana.blogspot.com/2014/10/how-to-spice-up-outfit.html) <--- please check it out:) But on this post is basically how i would style a white top.

How To: Grow Your Hair Out Fast♡

♡Tip #1
 Instead of washing your hair everyday try washing your hair twice a day. Washing your hair everyday can remove the natural oil that protects your skull and keeping it healthy, Making it more prone to breaking. Like the picture says embrace messy hair♡

♡OOTD #1

Hai guys, today i'm going to my friends house and i think i dress pretty decently so i decided to write post on what i wear today:)

How To: Spice Up An Outfit♡

Have you ever feel like your outfits are so plain and boring? Here I have some tips to help you spice up your outfit