November 2015 - The Closet Elf

The Celebration

Hello how are you? Long time no write, I believe this is the longest run I've gone without writing anything and I've missed it dearly. Basically if you are wondering why I've not been updating for the past 2 weeks blame it all on my semester exams, yes sadly your homegirl still goes to school and is brutally missing the holidays. Since my exams are over that is as for right now I'm going to celebrate it with this outfit blog post. Now ever since the start of my semester exam I've learned to dress minimally as in very casual not minimally where you can see my everything, but still look half decent. So today's outfit post is going to be very simple and casual, this outfit is honestly what I wore the entire exam week so here it is. 

MYSWEAR Farfetch

Confidence, is something everyone needs. Some are gifted with it, some are not very lucky and have to work for it. This shoe is specifically design to bring out your inner beast, the right pair of shoe can easily elevate your appearance supporting you with confident needed. Not intentionally saying that your physical appearance is all you need, but it’s clearly one of the factors that can earn you confidence. I've been lucky enough to be asked to contribute a design of MYSWEAR Shoes from the brand Farfetch, a beautiful and aesthetic fashion brand that would make you want to buy their whole collection.

Right Choices Ft. Tidebuy

As human it’s our nature portrayed the best version of ourself and that don’t necessarily mean just your appearance, portraying the best version of yourself consist also of a good attitude and personality. Since I’m not capable of writing about attitude or anything along that line, what I can share with you is how to portray the best version of yourself through your wardrobe. The best tip I can give is to know what neckline suits you best. Necklines can easily transform your appearance, there are around 6 different necklines and I am here to help you pick the right neckline for your body type.